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Eat Sweets The Way You Want. Quality Ice Cream Rolls, Tasty Hot Dogs, Spring Rolls, Ice Cold Lemonade, Roasted Nuts and, Snow Cones That Comes From The Heart!

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Ready to Serve Our Delicious, Decadent Treats

Sweet Topia, LLC is a veteran-owned business, specializing in selling sweet treats. Our products include eggettes bubble waffles, ice cream rolls, cinnamon-glazed nuts (almonds, pecans, and cashews), and snow cones. We cater to Hampton, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach areas in Virginia.

Ready to Serve Our Delicious, Decadent Treats

About Our Company

A new food establishment, we started operating in spring 2018. We are excited to offer our specialty ice cream and other items to the people in our community. Our wholesome food products are not only delicious but are also nutritious. You will be amazed at the different health benefits that come once you eat our appetizing treats. 


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We’re a veteran-owned business that’s aspired to create the best-tasting treats for sweet lovers. We have tasted other ice cream rolls and felt that it can be improved to be much better and richer in taste. We imagined ice cream rolls to be not only delicious but also a luscious treat that will leave you craving for more.

After the ice cream success and have been well-taken by the community in Virginia Beach, we added more selections to our business which includes hot dogs, spring rolls, lemonade, snow cones, and cinnamon glazed nuts on the menu. They are all delicious and fun to eat every day!

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Our mission is to leave people craving for more sweet treats and warm delicious food on the go! We strive to bring quality and perfection to our customers every day!

Ready to Serve Our Delicious, Decadent Treats

Client Reviews


- Anonymous Sweet Topia, LLC Customer

“Fascinated with ice cream, never seen that before”

- Anonymous Sweet Topia, LLC Customer

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